Pat Black is a creative professional based in Charleston South Carolina. I specialize in all things visual, For the past 6 years Pat has been refining his skills in Photography, Cinematography, photo manipulation, storytelling and editing.


His work has been seen  by millions and has been featured on ESPN, The Big South Network the SEC Network, Lifetime's Army Wives, CBS Reckless, Good Morning America, The Doctors, CNN, NBC Nightly News, Comedy Central, Phlearn, RGG, Canon USA, Fstoppers and Profoto Buzzfeed, the Chive, Huffington Post, GQ, Sony. 

Flying the DJI Phantom 3 over Wyoming

Since graduating college Pat has been not only working but helping to teach with the online publications Fstoppers.com  resourcemagonline.com. When not working or talking about cameras, It is a pretty safe bet that you can find Pat near water, He is an avid wakeboarder, surfer, swimmer, and hopefully soon Sailboat owner. 

My Career started as a passion, one of the 2 driving forces that I have ever felt in my life, the first was sports, which I competed at the Division 1 Level. The Second would be my art, I had been creating content since I was old enough to walk, My brothers and I grew up making adventure movies on the old family video camera, and when I was in high school my parents bought me my first digital camera, since than I hardly go anywhere with out some kind of camera.


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